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Unlimited, personalized, goal-aligned recipes.

Your perfect recipe, everytime.

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Feast your eyes and tastebuds.

Re-discover the joy of immersive cooking with Noonli, where every meal is a masterpiece in the making.

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Choose Your Goal

Get, set, GOAL!

Set your goals, crush them with personalized recipes. Experience a individualized approach to healthy eating with Noonli's goal-setting feature.

FitLoop: Every meal is uniquely yours.

The new easy-to-read, color-coded FitLoop grading for every recipe personalized with your health goal. Discover the transformative impact of individualized nutrition, paving the way for the results you have always desired.

The FitLoop Ring

Effortless recipe discovery.

Effortlessly discover the perfect recipe with Noonli. Simplify your recipe search with Noonli's smart recommendations. The recipes you love straight to your device.

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Experience hassle-free meal planning.

Plan for a week or even 2 weeks. Stay organized in the kitchen and also in the grocery store.

FitLoop 360

FitLoop360: Easy, Visual, Nutritional Overview.

The ultimate food diary that gives you a 360-degree view of your eating habits. We track and categorize all the recipes you've made, so you can visualize your dietary choices with an easy and simple overview.

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Choose A Goal



The goal-driven approach of Noonli helps you stay focused. Find a goal that speaks to you.



Choose the kinds of meals you like. Noonli searches the web for recipes to find the one that matches your preferences.

Choose Different Meals
Choose Allergies, if any.



Advanced personalization, select the food items you are allergic to, and stay safe. We ensure you have the best selection of recipes without allergens.



Food choices matter a lot when you've got diabetes. Some are better than others. Noonli ensures that our recommendations are right-aligned to give you plentiful food choices while keeping GI low.

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You are all set. You will get notifications for recipes that you'll love to cook. You can get notified during breakfast, lunch, or dinner or schedule a preferred time.


Describe your goal, attach the recipe link, and let's see if they're a perfect fit.


Time to put this recipe through the goal-setting grinder!

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The Early Believers: Meet our founding members.

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No ads, only recipes. Just me and my recipes. It remembers my cooked recipes and suggests new ones as I like them.

Finally, I no longer search for recipes. I Noonli it.

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In my hectic schedule, every minute saved counts! Noonli delivers great vegan recipes.

I have high expectations from a recipe app. I like to stay fit and eat healthy! Noonli makes it simple, stress-free.

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As an innovator, I am always intrigued by new ideas. I am delighted to be on Noonli to eat healthy and be a founding member.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can sign up for Noonli by visiting our website and creating an account. It's quick and easy, and you'll be on your way to achieving your health goals in no time.

Noonli is designed to help users achieve their health goals in a personalized and sustainable way. Our AI-powered platform primarily focuses on three main health goals: weight loss, healthy eating, and muscle building. Whether you're looking to shed a few pounds, adopt a healthier lifestyle, or build muscle mass, Noonli does all the heavy lifting so you can focus on whats important for you.

Noonli's AI algorithms analyze your dietary preferences, and other factors to create personalized meals that are tailored to your unique needs.

Normally, Noonli adapts to your changing preferences automatically. Hence, no special meal configuration is needed. Noonli is constantly learning and adapting. However, we will be happy to answer any question you might have. Please write to us at support@noonli.com.

FitLoop is a proprietary technology developed by Noonli that finds recipes that match a user's preferences, cooking styles, allergies, and health goals. The system then recommends recipes that fit the user's criteria.

FitLoop creates a personalized loop of recommended recipes that match your preferences, allergies, and health goals. The more green in the loop, the more aligned it is with your goals.

No, FitLoop is for anyone who wants to eat healthier and find recipes that match their preferences. Whether you have specific dietary restrictions or just want to find healthier options, FitLoop can help you discover new recipes that fit your needs.

FitLoop360 is an intelligent feature that collects and categorizes all the food you consume within the app. It analyzes this data based on your goals and provides a comprehensive view of your eating habits over time.

The 360 degree view refers to the complete perspective that FitLoop360 offers. It takes into account various factors such as ingredients, nutritional content, and alignment with your goals to provide a complete picture of your food choices. The more the green the more you are aligned to you goals in the long run.

FitLoop360 acts as your intelligent digital diary, visually guiding you towards better food choices. By categorizing your food and displaying it in an easy-to-understand format, it helps you stay aware and make informed decisions that align with your health and wellness goals. You can also drill down in to more specific details by clicking individual items.

FitLoop360 is seamlessly integrated into the Noonli app. Simply sign up for Noonli and start logging your meals within the app. FitLoop360 will automatically collect and categorize your food data, providing you with a comprehensive view of your eating habits.

We offer 2 plans for nutrition enthusiasts.

Plan 1. is for Innovators/entreprenuers and changemakers. We call the users who take this plan a "founding member" of Noonli. Founding members pay one time fee. This enables changemakers just like you not only to use the product but also influence change. Are you tired of using existing products with no results? Noonli is the product you should be using and making a world of difference by not only providing feedback but also feature requests. We would be happy to add these features on the platform.

Plan 2: This is for people who are looking for healthy meals and are tired of searching for recipe ideas every day. Regardless of your goal, you can onboard and join us. Here the nutrition enthusiasts pay a monthly subscription fee. You can cancel at anytime.